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The vision for planting a church in Cluj, Romania, started 12 years ago! Knowing it was for a later season, we put it on the shelf trusting that God will resurrect it in His time. Three years ago however, God started talking to us about it again. In obedience to His direction, Aaron took three years of church planting classes and interned with one of the best teacher on church planting we have ever known. 

We later found out God started speaking about church planting to our leaders in Romania at the exact same time! Therefore, Living Well Family Ministries, will partner together with our YWAM team in Romania and pioneer a church in our neighborhood. We are incredibly excited and look forward to see it all unfold. 


In May of 2010, we held our first adoption seminar with guest speaker Lynn Wetterberg, herself an adoptive mother of four and it has been a huge success. Since then, we had three more seminars focused on attachment in adoption and child development. Through these seminars we ministered to over 400 adoptive parents and professionals. We also started a home-group for adoptive parents and the hunger for connection and answers is HUGE!


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In 2009, after extensive research, we found that there is virtually no material written or translated into Romanian on adoption and healthy parent-child attachment for adoptive families and profesionals. In order to meet this void, Ana translated a very powerful book entitled, "Becoming a Family" by Lark Eshleman and "Hope for Healing", a manual written by adoptive parents & professionals. We feel a tremendous urgency to get this information along with many other materials into the hands of adoptive parents and professionals. 
Ana is also working on writing a few books of her own. 
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