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In March of 2021 we ran the first KCPR with a vision to see people awakened and fully restored to walk in their full identity as sons and daughters of God. KCPR is a seven month online discipleship school created to train and equip students to live an empowered, transformed life of revival and learn how to give it away to those around them.
In our first school we had 25 students and we are getting ready to run our second KCPR starting in October of 2021!


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With a strong calling for wholeness, intimacy with the Lord and understanding of His Word, we have both lead many men and women's small groups over the years and have been involved in discipleship and mentoring of people hungry to know the Lord. 
We want to see men, women and children redeemed and set free, awakened to their purpose and calling and powerfully influence the world around them.


There is such a hunger for God and His truth, such deep desire for intimacy and transformation everywhere in the world. In April 2018, together with a mission team from Bethel, Redding, we led a two day conference at our YWAM ministry center in Cluj, Romania. Aaron was one of the main speakers, calling people to pursue God for wholeness and step into their God given identity. We ministered and prayed with over 250 people and saw God radically change people's lives. Together with our YWAM Cluj team, we will continue to offer such seminars and conferenced quarterly. 


The vision for planting a church in Cluj, Romania started 12 years ago. Knowing it was for a later season, we put it on the shelf, trusting that God will resurrect it in His time. Three years ago, God started talking to us and to the leadership of our YWAM base about church planting again. In obedience, Aaron took three years of church planting classes and interned with one of the best teachers on church planting we have ever known. 
Therefore, Living Well Families will partner together with our YWAM team in Romania and pioneer a church in our neighborhood. We are excited and look forward to see it unfold. 
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