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The vision for planting a church in Cluj, Romania, started 12 years ago! Knowing it was for a later season, we put it on the shelf trusting that God will resurrect it in His time. Three years ago however, God started talking to us about it again. In obedience to His direction, Aaron took three years of church planting classes and interned with one of the best teacher on church planting we have ever known. 

We later found out God started speaking about church planting to our leaders in Romania at the exact same time! Therefore, Living Well Family Ministries, will partner together with our YWAM team in Romania and pioneer a church in our neighborhood. We are incredibly excited and look forward to see it all unfold. 


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Someone said, "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul, than the way it which it treats its children". That is a very powerful statement that sheds a lot of light on the condition of our society today. Over the last few years we "adopted" 17 orphans from a home for abused and abandoned children, ages 2-18. We taught them basic life skills and introduced them to Jesus, using every opportunity to disciple and train them through everything we did and said. 
We want to see the abandoned and the orphaned adopted and becoming beloved sons and daughters.


One of the things that God has been highlighting to us the last few months has been to care for young people that grew up in the orphanage but aged out of the Child Protective Services with no help from the government whatsoever. Unfortunately they are not equipped with the tools they need to succeed and make right decisions for their lives and a lot of them end up in prostitution and/or human trafficking. We want to reach them and lead them to Jesus, help them find their identity as sons and daughters and the purpose for their lives and connect them with people that would mentor, love them and help them succeed. 
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